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Welcome to the site created by perfusionists and for perfusionists.  Whether a perfusion education student, novice perfusionist or seasoned clinician, this site has been created to provide you a novel, convenient and efficient means of obtaining continuing perfusion education.  Participating in these e-learning activities allows the user the opportunity to earn coveted American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (ABCP) approved Category 1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at a fraction of the cost of attending a face-to-face medical meeting.  This perfusion education venue can be utilized from home, school, work, or the local coffee shop.  It is truly perfusion education that comes to you...wherever and whenever that may be.


The mission of perfusioneducationonline.com is to provide the international perfusion community a web-based resource for quality perfusion education opportunities relating to the field of cardiovascular perfusion and allied technologies.

General information

The subscriber to this site can expect a variety of learning activities to be included.  The learner can lose themselves in self-directed education while documenting their efforts by receiving immediate feedback to select surveys, quizzes and novel activities.  Additional characteristics of this site include the following:

  • Choice of various topics

  • ABCP-approved Category 1 and 3 CEUs

  • Reasonable cost

  • On-line registration and payment

  • 24/7 access to educational materials

  • Links to free but required software

  • Access to course authors and site administrators


Q. How many CEUs may I earn with each offering?

A. Some activities are approved for 3 Category 1 CEUs.  These CEUs are considered by the ABCP to be  Self-Directed Continuing Education (SDCE).   Currently, the ABCP allows for a total of ten SDCE CEUs per three-year cycle.  However, in a letter from the ABCP to Perfusion Education Online (dated October 30, 2007) the situation is clarified.

“There is no limit on the number of SDCEUs that a perfusionist can acquire, so long as they earn five ‘traditional’ Category 1 CEUs. (A perfusionist may apply 40 SDCEUs toward the triennial recertification requirement, counting ten as Category 1 CEUs and the remainder as Category 2 and/or 3 CEUs.)”

Some courses, after being offered for several years, will continue to be offered as Category 3 CEUs.

Q. How long should each activity take to complete?

A. The ABCP requires 50 minutes for each CEU rewarded.  Therefore, you should plan on spending about three hours per activity.  You may complete the course review in one sitting or do a little bit at a time.  Your choice.

Q. How will I access the course offering that I have chosen?

A. Once we have confirmed your registration by receipt of the required fee, you will receive an email giving you the URL where the offering is hosted.  You may access the course as often as you like.  Some of the courses will have designated user names and passwords, which will be provided to you upon completing the registration process.

Q. Can I let another perfusionist access the course?

A. No.   Unauthorized use of the site will not result in an award of CEUs.  The registration fee must be paid before any CEUs are awarded.

Q. What must I do to earn my CEUs?

A. According to the ABCP, to earn Category I CEUs, you are required to complete a short evaluation with 80% accuracy.  The evaluations will be a natural part of the course and will provide immediate feedback as you work your way through the educational unit.  The formal assessments will normally be comprised of 24 questions  to assist you in the learning process.

The courses offering Category III CEUs do not require the completion of assessment tools. However, upon registration, you will be given a username and password and will have full access to each assessment to enhance your learning.

Q. What proof will I have of successful completion?

A. Upon successful completion of a Category I educational unit, your certificate will be emailed to you and your results will be kept on file for a period of  four years, as required by the ABCP.

Certificates for completion of Category III CEUs are available. Though not required by the ABCP, having a certificate can help you track your educational accomplishments.  We are happy to provide you with a certificate upon request.

Q. What is the cost?

A. The cost is calculated at $25 per CEU.  Therefore, a 3 credit course will carry the minimal cost of $75.

The courses that have  shifted to Category III CEUs can be purchased for a one time fee of $15 for unlimited access and no time constraints for completion.

Q. If I only want 1 CEU instead of 3, do I need to purchase all 3?

A. Yes.  Since the course has been approved by the ABCP for 3 CEUs, there is an expectation that the course must be completed in its entirety.  Hence, the full subscription price will be required.

Q. How will I pay for access to the ABCP-approved educational units?

A. You will need to complete a simple process of signing up for the PayPal service.  This is a free service that provides a secure means for transferring funds.

Q. What technology is required for participation?

A. You will need to have internet access.  Although dial-up access can be used, broadband access is recommended.  PC and Mac users should be equally accommodated.  The following is a chart of recommended and required elements.          




Internet access


Broadband access


Browser: Internet Explorer


Click here to download Internet Explorer 7

Alternate browsers: Mozilla Foxfire, Netscape, Opera

May be used with some limitations

Click to download Mozilla Firefox 2

Click to download Netscape

Click to download Opera

MS Windows Media Player


Click to download MS Windows Media Player

Real Player, Quicktime

May be used with some limitations

Click to download Real Player

Click to download QuickTime7

MS PowerPoint or animation (Only when MS Producer presentations are incorporated)


Click to download MS Office Animation Runtime


Minimum 512 MB, 1 GB or more recommended

Hard drive capacity

Minimum 40 GB


Minimum 1 GHz (no video) Recommended 2 GHz (for video)



Word processing program


MS Word


Document reader

Acrobat Adobe required

Click to download Acrobat Reader 8.0

Internet surfing skills/web navigating


Basic word processing skills





This website is not intended to dictate practice.  Rather, it is offered as an educational resource.  Neither the course authors nor perfusioneducationonline.com take responsibility for application of the content to clinical practice.  The clinician is expected to carefully consider all relevant literature and training to make informed clinical decisions.

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